My family and I have been spending our summer vacation in the Bay of Saint Cyprien for the past 10 years and with every year we appreciate all that this magnificent region has to offer a little more. Our ‘big’ children never miss a season, by themselves or with friends. Everyone will find something they love: athletes can hike the mountain trails, youngsters will enjoy tree climbing, rope courses or canyoning, farniente aficionados will be enticed by beaches of transparent water or natural spring water waterfalls to cool down, and no one will be able to stay away from the traditional cocktail hour at the Cabanon Bleu that can go all night, facing the turquoise blue Bay, or the bustling night life at the Via Notte club.

Time always goes by too fast, we leave with regret each time, taking with us great memories of wonderful times, smells, colors that stay with us for a long time after that.

Martine, 10 février 2018


Lifelong Corsican – and more particularly Porto Vecchio, Saint Cyprien, and the southern part of the island – aficionados, we grew passionate about building, furnishing, and decorating the “Cupulatta” house. We fell in love with the lot located in the nature, characterized by its typical Mediterranean vegetation, and surrounded by a protected wooden area where construction is not allowed. We wanted the house to have a warm and contemporary interior at the same time, in perfect harmony with its natural environment and within proximity to the seaside. Thinking back on the amazing summers spent with family and friends, we wished to offer our guests a setting prone to relaxation, beach activities, or mountains hikes. Unless, more festive activities lead them to the Cabanon Bleu on the beach in the Bay of Saint Cyprien, or to the Via Notte club.

We would particularly like to thank Soline Meyer, our architect and Dominique, our interior designer and friend. Special thanks to our amazing daughter, Sarah, for translating the website in English and for just being awesome.